After Dark Series 1



With Anthony Wilson
Clive Ponting MBE, Margaret Moore, Colin Wallace, T.E. Utley CBE, Isaac Evans, Peter Hain, Anne Marie Sandler


Private Lives


With Helena Kennedy
Tony Blackburn, Dr Jeremy Black, Peter Tatchell, Sheila Kitzinger MBE, Paul Halloran, Victoria Gillick, Johnny Edgecombe


Football Crazy


With Professor Anthony Clare
Terry Neill, Sir A.J. Ayer, Chris Lightbown, Stuart Cosgrove, John Fashanu, Ian Hutchinson, Jennifer Hargreaves


Do The British Love Their Children?


With Chantal Cuer
Dr John Rae, Linda Bellos, Dr Germaine Greer, Gordon Whiteley, Russell Hoban, Diane Caw, Sarah Coomaraswamy


The Mafia


With John Underwood
Alex Manson, Doug Le Vien, Claire Sterling, David Mellor, David Yallop, Gaia Servadio, Bob Dick, Frank Pulley


Honest, Decent and True?


With Professor Anthony Clare
John Ehrlichman, Anthony Smith, Mary Midgeley, Ann Burdus, Professor Philip Bobbit, Rt. Rev'd Hugh Montefiore


Is Britain Working?


With Anthony Wilson
Dr David Selbourne, Teresa Gorman, Colonel Hilary Hook, Ezaz Ahmed Hayat, Adrian Lloyd, Billy Bragg, 'Helen'


Killing With Care


With Professor Ian Kennedy
Charlotte Hough, Dr Ilora Finlay, Dr Pieter Admiraal, Lord Soper, George Cant, Maggie Davis, Dr Vicky Clement-Jones, Professor John Finnis


Peace In Our Time


With John Underwood
Dr Edward Teller, Beatrix Campbell, Sister Deidre Duffy, Sir Rudolf Peierls, Enoch Powell, Professor Sergei Kapitsa


Klaus Barbie


With Professor Ian Kennedy
Eli Rosenbaum, Neal Ascherson, Gena Turgel, Philippe Daudy, Canon Paul Oestreicher, Maitre Jacques Vergès

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