After Dark Series 4

Arms And The Gulf


With Professor Ian Kennedy
Tam Dalyell MP, Bruce Hemmings, Colonel Robert Jarman, Major- General James Lunt, Joey Martyn-Martin, Adel Darwish, Rana Kabbani


Survival - At What Cost?


With Anthony Clare
Sheila Cassidy, Richard Morefield, Brummie Stokes, Rabbi Hugo Gryn, Karma Nabulsi, Monica McKibbin


Do Men Have To Be Violent?


With Helena Kennedy
Antoinette Giancana, Neil Lyndon, Keith Simpson, Dr Arthur Hyett Williams, Oliver Reed, Kate Millett, Dr Elliott Leyton


Counting The Cost Of A Free Press


With Helena Kennedy
Duncan Campbell, Lord Lambton, Gordon Winter, Jane Moore, Clare Short MP, Anthony Howard




With Anthony Holden
Lady Helen Brook, Michael Chapman, Prof John Finnis, Dr Wendy Savage, Alison Davis, Angela Farley, Mary Kenny




With Kay Avila
Dirg Aab-Richards, Dr Colin Brewer, Charlotte Davis Kasl, Prof Corky McGuinness, Father Michael Seed, 'Jackie', 'Mike'


Prisons No Way Out


With Professor Ian Kennedy
Dr Theodore Dalrymple, Paul Dolese, Sheila Heather-Hayes, Tony Lambrianou, Joe Whitty, Taki Theodoracopolous, Mary Eaton, Jim Wood


The Gulf: Counting The Cost


With John Plender
Adnan Albahar, Chris Cowley, Rt Hon Edward Heath MBE MP, Dr Robert McGeehan, Baron Weidenfeld of Chelsea, Mona Bauwens, Adnan Khashoggi


After Rochdale


With Anthony Wilson
Beatrix Campbell, Andy Croall, Her Honour Jean Graham Hall, Dr Sherrill Mulhern, John Shirley, Deborah Cameron, Wendy Lindsay, Bill Thompson


The Luck Of The Irish?


With Trevor Hyett
Father Patrick Buckley, Patrick John Cosgrave, J.P. Donleavy, Senator David Norris, Emily O'Reilly, Paul Hill, Ethel Smith, Francis Stuart


What Should Teachers Learn?


With Anthony Clare
Peter Davies, Mrs Annis Garfield, Steve McCarthy, Zoe Readhead, Catherine Finnan, James Harries, Russell Profitt, Eleanor MacDonald


Who Believes In Miracles?


With Anthony Wilson
Ann Diamond, Prof Teddy Hall, Barbara Smoker, Father Matthew Fox, Rev'd Tom Wright, Hyam Maccoby, Ian Wilson


Serial Success?


With Matthew Parris
Dr Jeremy Coid, Stefan Jaworzyn, Detective Ray Pierce, Michael Winner, Dr Catherine Itzin, John Sutcliffe, Helen Zahavi

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