After Dark Specials

Bloody Bosnia


With Professor Ian Kennedy
Sir Fitzroy MacLean, Prof Nikola Koljevic, Gordana Knezavic, Melanie McDonagh, Sean Gervasi, Amela, Branca Magas


Brave New World


With Sheena McDonald
Tom Shakespeare, Prof Lewis Wolpert, Father Anthony Fisher, Dr Adrienne Asch, Dr Germaine Greer, Dr Brian Richards, Prof Robert Winston, Claire Austin


Ireland: Sex & Celibacy; Church & State


With Helena Kennedy
Dr Garret Fitzgerald, Father Gabriel Daly, Father Tom Stack, Eddie Humphries, Sister Helen O'Donaghue, Emily O'Reilly, Mary Kenny, Prof Richard Sipe, Sinead O'Connor


Lethal Justice


With John Underwood
June Homer, Dr James Grigson, Norman Parker, Det. Con. Norman Brennan, Dr Hanna Segal, Don Cabana, Clive Stafford Smith


The Price Of Life


With Professor Ian Kennedy
Roger Gould, Dr Julian Tudor-Hart, Revd. Dr Martin Israel, Dr Richard Nicholson, Dr Ron Zimmern, Paige Sipes Metzler, Marion Harris


After Diana


With Helena Kennedy
Beatrix Campbell, Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Victoria Mitford, Frank Prochaska, George Monbiot, Frank McQuerins, Claus von Bulow


Abortion - Whose Choice?


With John Underwood
Gerard Casey, Dr Bernard Nathanson, Dr John Parsons, Prof John Harris, Dame Josephine Barnes, Fay Weldon, Sarah Walsh

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